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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Apr 14, 2019

Hey there!

The Just One Small Thing Podcast is all new TWO WEEKS IN A ROW! I am so excited and hopeful that we can keep this up! 

This week I am sharing 10 things that I've learned about prayer over the last two years. Many of the concepts are ones that I have touched on in previous podcasts, but they are all so important! Here is a quick rundown of the list:

  1. Family Prayer is not enough. I need to have private, personal time for prayer.
  2. Starting the morning with prayer, and reflection on scripture, is a game changer.
  3. The little thoughts I have to pray, is God knocking at the door--and I need to say YES to prayer when He knocks.
  4. Satan tries (very hard) to keep me from prayer by reminding me of all the "good" things I need to do instead of praying.
  5. A daily Rosary will change your life. It has changed mine!
  6. Prayer is so much simpler than I thought!
  7. God is right here, in the NOW!
  8. Phone use kills prayer (at least it does for me!)
  9. It is so powerful to connect prayer to scripture. (you can download your Lectio Divina bookmark right here:

#10 is the most important one on the list. As I reflect on the resources I can make for people, or what I can teach and challenge children to do through the Catholic Sprouts Podcast, I have realized that it ALL COMES BACK TO PRAYER! Our good deeds need to be done after, and in an attitude of, prayer. Our relationships need to be filled with prayer. Prayer is everything!!!

For this reason, I am excited to announce that I have created a PRAYER COURSE FOR ADULTS. The course will teach you how to pray, and open up to you the wonders of prayer. I have been working on it for many months and I am excited to start enrolling students after Easter.

To learn more about the course, make sure to sign up for my email list! They hear about things first (and usually get the best deals). SIGN UP HERE.

When you join the Catholic Sprouts community, you not only will be part of a thriving community of over 11,000 Catholic Parents, but you also will get instant access to the Catholic Family Digital Resource Library.  Simply head here to sign up!

Thanks for being here!

Your sister in the small things,