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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Feb 28, 2018

Hey there and welcome back to the 3rd installment of the Lenten Podcast series on the Vices.

Today's episode focuses on LUST, and, before I go into the details of this episode, I want to warn you that I felt I needed to use real language while discussing this topic. Nothing I say is vulgar or scandalous, and everything...

Feb 14, 2018

First of all, I pray that your Lent is off to a beautiful and Holy start! To be completely honest, I have been CRAVING Lent. My life has just started to feel a little too noisy and busy and I am glad the Church is wise enough to give us a season to get back on track.

So, I decided to take advantage of this season and do...

Feb 7, 2018

We are one week from Lent, so it's time to start planning! I really love Lent. I love an opportunity to get back into those good habits I've lost track of and just dwell in the quiet a bit more. I also love being a part of a Catholic community during Lent because we are all in this together. I love the support I often...