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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Nov 21, 2018

Hey there!

I am sure that you know about the amazing ministry, Blessed Is She. This beautiful ministry for Catholic Women has created so many incredible resources for Catholic Women--communities, daily reflections, liturgical studies, beautiful planners, and so much more. It feels like Blessed Is She has just always existed (what did we do before their daily emails?) but the truth is that this ministry is only 4 years old!

That's right, just 4 years ago, Jenna Guizar, a busy Momma, decided that we Catholic Ladies needed a beautiful ministry, similar to the ones she had seen out in the Protestant world. She was right. Many women jumped in to help her, the team and the audience grew, and continues to grow to this day.

For all of these reasons, I was excited to bring Jenna onto the podcast so we all could hear about the girl behind Blessed Is She.

As Jenna shares in the podcast, Blessed Is She's goal is to help women grow in Christ-Centered friendships, and they have been an incredible force for building communities for catholic women...all over the world! Blessed Is She runs a number of thriving regional Facebook groups (you can find your group right here), and encourages local members of the community to host what they call Blessed Brunches, where Catholic women can meet in person and grow in real friendship.

In the episode Jenna also shares about how Blessed Is She has transformed her own life. Just like me, Jenna was not perfect before she started this ministry, and is still working on that perfection ;). She felt led to start this ministry, so she just plunged right in! She refused to be limited by fear and instead she went ahead with this big idea and has been fed and transformed along with many of the members of the community she founded.

If you are still looking for a beautiful Advent Devotional, I encourage you to check out BEARING LIGHTfrom Blessed Is She. It is an incredibly beautiful study for Catholic Women that focuses on the Magnificat.

Also, Blessed Is She is up to something very exciting right now! Jenna and her team are currently in IRELAND hosting a Blessed Is She Wild retreat! Join me in prayer that the retreat is a success and they travel safely!

Finally, as I mentioned in the podcast, if you are still looking for an Advent resource for your family, I encourage you to check out all of the ideas I have right here:

I hope you are well--and if you are in the US, have a blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Your sister in the small things,