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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Jan 10, 2018

December 31st was the feast of the Holy Family. I love this feast day, and to celebrate I posted a picture of my own family on my Facebook page. The picture was one we took just 4 days before our little Max, whom I had carried in my womb for 20 weeks, flew to heaven, so it really was a picture of our whole family. But, to really celebrate I asked my entire community to post a picture of their Holy Families on that thread, and over a hundred women did so. What resulted was one of the most beautiful Facebook threads I have ever seen. So many beautiful Catholic families in every shape and size and style and stage. It was such a blessing to see all those pictures. It might feel like we are alone, living a radical life that no one really understands, but we aren't!

And, well, this got me thinking. The family is SO important. Pope St. John Paul II referred to families as schools of love--and that is exactly what they are. So, please, join me this year in really focusing on making our families the best they can be. Because, as Mother Teresa once said, the best thing we can do to promote world peace is to "go home and love our families."

In the podcast I talk about love and forgiveness and family as covenant, but I also offer 5 challenges to Catholic families and I really believe that if we ALL take these things to heart and work on our own little families--striving to make them holier every day and in every way--we will be able to change the world.

Here are the 5 challenges:

  1. Worship each Sunday at mass as a family, together.
  2. Pray together, and explore ways to pray more and better as a family.
  3. Be intimate with each other.
  4. Put your family first, even if that requires making hard decisions
  5. Allow your family to be a witness to the world.

Trust me, these challenges are going to be challenging for me as well--but there is no better work we can possibly do than create strong, holy families.

All the very best!


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