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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Oct 31, 2018

Hey friends! Welcome back to another episode of the Just One Small Thing Podcast. I hope you have been enjoying all of the wonderful ladies that I have had on lately. It has been so much chatting with them all and tapping into their unique wisdom!

I have another great lady to share with you today, and I have a feeling that her message will be as challenging for some of you as it was for me!

Mary Harrell from Domestic Apologistis here today to talk about...budgets. I know...ugh, budgeting.

When Mary brought this up as the topic she would like to talk about I thought, well, okay, if you really want to. If you are like me, you get that budgeting is important, you do it a little bit, but would never deliberately go out of your way to learn more about it!

Well, Mary challenged me on this point, and I bet she will challenge many of you as well. In the episode Mary shares how she met her husband (really good story) and how they ended up needing to seriously budget. Because of the circumstances he was able to convince her to take Financial Peace University and, according to Mary, what they learned in that course allowed them to not only buy the house they wanted, but have a better marriage and live better.

It's really inspiring! In this episode we also talk about tithing, communication, the specifics of successful budgeting and lots of other great topics.

Once you are done listening I encourage you to connect with Mary at her blog!

Here are a few links mentioned in this episode:

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Your sister in the small things,