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Just One Small Thing Podcast for Catholic Parents

Oct 24, 2018

Hey there!

Well, today we are making Just One Small Thing Podcast history! My guest today, Laura Kelly Fanucci, is becoming the very first person to be on the podcast TWICE! Not sure if it's an honor or simply proof that she is a good friend and she allows me to twist her arm! 

If you don't know Laura yet, she is incredible. She is a beautiful writer on the topics of parenting and our Catholic Faith. She has many published books and shares often over on her blog, Mothering Spirit.

Laura is on the podcast to discuss the book she recently wrote with her husband, Franco, Grieving Together, a Couple's Guide to Miscarriage

As you likely know, I have been through my fair-share of losses, and so has Laura, including the heartbreaking loss of her twin baby girls just a few years ago. The reason why this book is so important is because there really aren't many books out there to support COUPLES as they experience the loss of a baby. Sure, there are lots of books for women, but men are mostly overlooked. Both my husband and I are excited about the parts of the book that Laura's husband wrote, and I just know that this book will help so many couples actually understand what the other is going through.

The book addresses not only babies lost to miscarriage, but also babies lost to still-brith, infant death and the heavy cross of infertility. Between the two of us, Laura and I have experienced all of these things. 

I really enjoyed to talking to Laura--and don't worry! There are more laughs than tears in this conversation! We talked about how different people grieve, the common issues that people experience when they grieve as a couple, as well as some details on the Catholic Teaching on miscarriage. And trust me, the Church's teaching is beautiful! I had some very old wounds from my childhood healed in this conversation!

Because miscarriage is SUCH a universal experience, I thought that this book would be so fruitful to discuss in a bookclub--and I would like to invite you to join us! 

We will be discussing Grieving Together on November 12th at 8pm Central in a private facebook group (click here to join!). Whether you have a chance to read the whole book or not, please consider joining us! We all need healing in some way, or maybe we need to learn how to bring healing to someone that we love.

Grieving Togetheris still in the production process, but as Laura said in the podcast, if you order now you should receive the book around November 1! If you are really hurting right now, however, Laura has generously worked out a way to get the book in your hands immediately. Simply purchase the book and then send your receipt to Our Sunday Visitor, and they will send you the eBook right away! For more details on how to do this, check out this post(the info is at the bottom).

Prayers and hugs for all your mommas out there that have been through these experiences!

Your sister in the small things,