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Just One Small Thing Podcast for Catholic Parents

Oct 25, 2017

Housework is an unavoidable part of many of our days.  It is something we dread, and put off and force ourselves to just get through.

But, housework can be much more than that.

Housework is a call to and opportunity for Holiness.

Although I struggle with this as well, I worked hard to research and pray about this topic and I have come up with 3 points to consider when it comes to housework and holiness.

1. We are not "too good" for the menial work on cleaning and cooking and caring for our family.

2. The work we do around the house is an opportunity to show our love for our family.

3. When we engage in housework we have an opportunity to commune with may of the holy women that have come before us, including beloved grandmothers and our Blessed Mother.

Thanks for listening and I hope that this episode is a blessing for you!