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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Sep 9, 2019


Sterling is back with the Just One Small Thing Podcast, joining the select few who have been guests TWICE (Sterling, your certificate is in the mail ;-) ).  You might know Sterling from her Catholic Minimalism Facebook Group or her podcast Coffee and Pearls. Or maybe you’ve read some of her books? Today, the three of us discuss how to make a Catholic Home without breaking the bank as well as how to create an atmosphere of peace and hospitality.  

Home decorating, just like the spiritual life, this is NOT a task that can be accomplished in one afternoon, but rather a gradual progress towards the idea you have in mind.  How can you keep costs down while still making your home beautiful? All three of us have some beloved and ‘featured’ decorations in our homes that we found/rescued from second hand stores as well as prints we purchased through Etsy (or Peter’s Square) from a variety of Catholic Artists.  

In terms of ambiance, candles and music are what Sterling loves best in her home.  Books read aloud or listened to via Audible or Overdrive are part of daily life in the Jaquith household. Home should be a place where we long to be… somewhere we feel at peace and comfortable and what we listen to can be just as important as what we choose to hang on our walls.

Why make our homes Catholic?  Well, first of all, our kids are like sponges and what we choose to surround them with is what will occupy their imaginations.  Also, as someone wrote in a thread in one of Nancy’s Facebook groups, when children are presented with religious images around their home, it acts like a visual anchor and seeing them at church will feel ‘like home’ too.  Having a Catholic Home can also serve as an inspiration, reminder, and challenge for us as well. The words we choose to use, the shows we choose to watch, the music we choose to listen to.. This all affects our souls. Lastly, it’s a chance to evangelize to others.  What is on display in one’s home shows to guests what the person values.  

Finally: we also touch on Screens and their ability to pull us in and away from real life.  It's a real addiction and Sterling has created a challenge course to help you cut back on screen time and re-claim your life (see link below)!  I think Nancy and I are both signing up.  I know I need it.

We hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording!

Your Sisters in the Small Things,

Nancy and Katie

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