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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Aug 5, 2019

Hello and welcome back to the second season of The Just One Small Thing Podcast: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women! 

In today’s episode you’ll get to meet my friend and New Co-Host, Katie Wood, while we talk about this season’s motto: Let the Eucharist Lead.  

To be honest, this might be our motto forever and ever because how can you beat it? Isn’t this what it means to be Catholic?  Christ in the Eucharist is at the center of it all, whether in Adoration or the Celebration of the Mass. He is truly present in that little host and gives Himself to all, freely, without reserve.  This is our model for Love. This is our path to holiness.

We’ll share what this motto means to us in our lives as well as some examples from the Saints, specifically St. Alphonsus Ligori and Venerable Cardinal Van Thuan.  

We’ll also touch on alternatives for when physically visiting an adoration chapel isn’t possible (did you know your guardian angel can go without you?) and the spiritual warfare (and momma struggles) you can expect to face when you can go (did you know cooled incense makes for a particularly fearsome ‘warpaint?’ True Story).

Additionally in this episode: some exciting news concerning the Catholic Sprouts Podcast!  People have been asking how they can help support the ministry and I have an answer!!

Things we mention in this podcast:

Katie’s Blog (Birth Stories, NAPRO Success Stories, and Momma Musings)

Catholic Sprouts Patreon 

Five Loaves and Two Fish: Meditations on the Eucharist by Cardinal Van Thuan 

The Practice of the Presence of God by Br. Lawrence

Rosary Meditations by Mother Teresa

Thank you so much for joining us for Season 2!  If you like what you hear, please consider sharing with a friend or leave us a comment!  We’d love to hear from you!!

Your Sisters in the Small Things,

Nancy and Katie