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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Apr 28, 2019

Hey there, friends!

Today we are getting back to a topic I love: The Rosary. Over a year ago I put a little rosary booklet with the help of Annie from Paper Monastery. The Rosary Booklet is a collection of ways to pray and reflect on the rosary.Over 3,000 copies of that book have been shipped all over the world (holy cow!), but more importantly, just putting that book together has had a big impact on the way I pray this incredible prayer.  And through that, of course, changed my entire life!

My favorite thing to reflect on while praying the rosary are the Virtues of the Rosary. Many saints, including St. John Paul II, Mother Teresa and Padre Pio all attached virtues to the rosary and I have found that reflecting on these virtues helps me not only understand the Gospel story, but also helps me apply these things more directly to my own life.

So, today we are digging into the Glorious Mysteries. The virtue for the first mystery, the Resurrection, is FAITH.

Here is a brief summery of what I discuss in this episode:

  • We can talk about Faith (the Catholic Faith, meaning our set of beliefs) and faith, like being faithful and trusting. Both of these are so important, and so deeply connected.
  • Our Faith rests on the reality of the resurrection. We are an Easter People and we really do have to investigate if we FULLY believe that these things happened.
  • I also talked about how we can reflect on the "faithful" with this virtue and pray at all of the divisions in the Catholic Church be healed, and we really become the mystical body of Christ.
  • Finally, I looked at how pregnancy, birth, and raising a baby is SUCH a time fo faith, and how faith and trust are so linked.

I hope you found this helpful! And, if you want to reflect a bit more on the Virtues of the Rosary, I encourage you to download and use these pretty coloring pages I made!  Completely free, just follow the link, sign up, and they will be in your inbox!

Virtues of the Rosary Coloring Pages 

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Thanks for being here!

Your sister in the small things,