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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Dec 5, 2018

Hey there friends!

I am taking a break from all of the wonderful guests (I hope you loved hearing from them as much as I enjoyed talking with them!). 

So, instead of having a guest, I am taking minute to share personally (yikes!). I am actually an introvert, and would rather talk about other people, but since it has been a year since we lost Max at 20 weeks.  That loss was a tremendously transformative event.  I talk about the amazing experience I had while loosing that baby in this episode:

It has been a very full year since we lost Max. Life has kept moving forward, that is for sure! We suffered another miscarriage, and are now about 27 weeks along with another little boy.  I shared about that miscarriage in this podcast episode:

Most profoundly, though, both my husband and I have really grown in a devotion to Mary. We aren't perfect, but we are at the point where if we slack in our devotion for even a day, we FEEL it. I really feel like we depend on her. I thank our little Max in heaven and St. Maximillian Kolbe for helping me embrace this devotion.

If you have yet to listen into the Catholic Sprout's Podcast, I really encourage you to tune in! Find all of the listening options here:

In the episode I also discuss a major shift that I plan to take in the coming year. I plan to focus more on Catholic Kids and Catholic Families, and will be producing more content under the banner of Catholic Sprouts.  Find all of the listening options here:

My first major project is a new Youtube channel! Crazy, right?!?  The channel is called Catholic Sprouts for Moms. It is a channel for Catholic Parents, where I hope to help you raise saints, and answer questions we all have as Catholic Parents.  I would love to have you jump over to Youtube and watch the first couple videos. Head here:

And finally, if you are still looking for Advent ideas, head here! I'm obsessed with Advent:

Thank you for all of your love and support!!

Your sister in the small things,