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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Jul 18, 2018

Hey there friends!

Today's podcast episode looks at Respect as the virtue associated with the fourth Luminous Mystery, the Wedding at Cana. Now, as I mentioned last week, I had to think up and assign many of the virtues I'm using for the Luminous mysteries, mostly because Padre Pio, whom I am taking most of the virtues, never prayed the Luminous Mysteries! And in a way it still feels like these mysteries are very new--but what a joy to have them!

In the past I have spoke a lot about what a key role Respect plays in a marriage. In my free 7 Day to Love Your Husband ChallengeI spend an entire day talking about how men need respect--sometimes even more than love--and how women so very often fail to give them that respect.

In today episode, however, I talk about Respect in the parent/child relationship, the relationship that we see in the story of the wedding at Cana.  In fact, much of this episode looks at the details of the 4th Commandment. 

Here is a quick overview of what we discuss in this episode:

  • First we discuss how the Family is a gift from God. Just as Jesus taught us to address God as "Our Father", so all of the roles in the family teach us about the very nature of God.
  • Jesus shows us what it means to respect our parents. Even though He was God, He entrusted Himself in his parents for over 30 years of His life. He also performs His first miracle out of obedience to his mother.
  • So much depends on the parent-child relationship, as demonstrated through countless stories in our Salvation History.
  • But, if we fail as parents, or if our parents have failed us, it is not all up to us. We are also invited to be part of God's family--and our first vocation is to follow god.

I hope that this discussion gives you some things to reflect on as you pray the Luminous Mysteries.

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Your sister in the small things,