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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Jul 4, 2018

Ready to learn more about you (and your kids and husband?). Well, you are in luck! I have a wonderful, fun (sanguine) woman on the podcast to introduce you to and get you excited about the four Temperaments.  If you have yet to look into the four temperaments, I encourage you to listen in. Chances you are you won't be a "pure" temperament. More likely you will have two strong temperaments, but looking into this help you understand your own strengths and temptations. Because remember, any pure quest to know ourselves better will bring us closer to God.

First off, here is a very basic run-down for the 4 Temperaments.

Sanguine: Optimistic, enthusiastic, active and social. Loves to take risks and has strong, short-lived reactions to things. They are most tempted by sins of vanity, lust and gluttony.

Choleric: Independent, decisive, and goal-oriented. They are social leaders, logical and ambitious. They are most tempted my sins of pride.

Melancholic: Analytical, deep-thinking and deep-feeling. They are often introverted and can have a deep interior life. Can be perfectionist with high ideals and plagued with anxiety. The are tempted by the sin of despair. 

Phlegmatic: Relaxed, peaceful and quiet. They are sympathetic and care deeply about others and relationships. The often hide their own emotions. They are good at compromises and accept others easily. They are most tempted by the sin of sloth.

We referenced lots of great materials while chatting! Here are some links to check out:

  • Alex wrote a great piece about knowing yourself. Check it out HERE.  She has tons of great links to Temperament materials.
  • We talked about this simple graphicas a quick way to understand the temperaments. 
  • If you would like to look into your Myer Briggs personality, you can head HERE.
  • Alex and I both recommend The Temperament God Gave You, if you are thinking about digging into this topic.

Your sister in the small things,