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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Jun 6, 2018

Welcome back to the Just One Small Thing Podcast, my friends!

Today we are going to continue to dig into the virtues assigned to each decade of the Rosary. Last week we talked about Joy for the first Joyful mystery. Today we are going to talk about SERVICE for the second joyful mystery, the Visitation.

Once again, you can find all of these virtues as well as scripture, reflections and prayers in my Rosary Booklet, if you would like!

I also created a FREE set of 20 coloring pages to help you reflect on the Virtues of the Rosary which you can find right here:

On the topic of Service, most of what I talk about in this episode come from 2 great books for Catholic Women.

The first is A Mother's Rule of Life. This Catholic Classic is working to change my life right now. I finally forced myself to read it after it gathered dust on my shelf for two years--and I am so glad I did!

The basic idea behind A Mother's Rule of Life is that just as those in Religious Communities have a "rule of life", or a mission-based daily schedule to help them live our their vocation, so should mothers. And that having a rule of life is the only way to actually "fit everything in" and do everything well.

With a rule of life Prayer is placed in the schedule first, and all other things fall in place around prayer. This way I am no longer trying to cram in a little prayer. It is the hinge on which all other thins swing.

With the help of this book I have finally found a way to pray (without stressing about praying) and therefore I am able to serve my children and my family better.

The other book that plays a big roll in today's discussion is One Beautiful Dream by Jennifer Fulwiler. This is a brand new book and perfect reading for any mother feeling restless at home. Jennifer reminds us that we are called to a LIFE of service, not just a season. Therefore we simply CAN NOT ignore ourselves (our dreams and our health) so that we can serve our family, because we will always be serving. And, in order to serve them well we NEED to be healthy and happy!

Therefore we need to find a way to fulfill our passions and dreams while serving, because we really can do both!

She offers so much more in her book, and it is a delightful read and calls for some serious reflection.

Finally, this episode discusses our call to be BOTH Mary and Martha--both sitting at the feet of Jesus in adoration AND fulfilling the duties we are called to do. We do this by making sure our spirit is fed first, and then heading out into the world and serving Christ as we find Him in other people.

Finally, here is a coloring pageI created a while ago based on the Gospel passage where Jesus heals Simon Peter's Mother-in-law. It is a wonderful reminder of what we are called to do once Christ has poured His grace out upon us.

Our Lady of the Rosary, PRAY FOR US!

Your sister in Christ,