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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Apr 18, 2018

Hey there my friends!

Today's podcast episode was born out of a little project I have been working hard on behind the scenes. For the past few weeks I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about prayer so that I can help you (and me) really understand what prayer is and how to grow in holiness through prayer.

<so much more coming your way on that project soon>

But, while doing this study on the topic of prayer I was struck again and again by the IMPORTANCE OF NOW.

Now, the importance of now, or living in the moment or mindfulness, or whatever you want to call it, is a pretty hot topic in the world of popular psychology. We often are so busy are distracted that we completely miss the beautiful life we are living. Or, we are so worried about the future or stuck in the past that we miss the moment we have.

And while all of these things are good and true, there is an even more important reasons to invest in this moment, right now.


Yes, God did wonderful things in the past and He will be a part of our future, but the only way that we can really get to know God, and thus allow Him to know and search us, is to engage with Him RIGHT NOW.

But, how do we slow ourselves down and truly enter into God's presence right now in this moment? Here are 3 simple ideas:

  1. Be aware of how you pray. Are you simply chattering about what you hope to happen in the future? Are you reciting a list of things you are thankful for from the past? OR are you seeking quiet and listening to God and allowing Him to see you for who you really are right now?
  2. Work to see the work in front of you are a prayer--and as a gift that you can give back to God. Invite Him into the work and feel His presence with you as you work.
  3. Use the most powerful prayer there is: The Jesus Prayer.

Theses are just ideas to get you started, and I really hope they are helpful!

A few of the books I mentioned in this episode are:

Prayer for Beginners by Peter Kreeft

The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawerence 

I hope that this little discussion of NOW opens up as many doors in prayer as it has for me!

In Christ,