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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Jan 24, 2018

Today's podcast addresses an issue I hear about from Catholic Mothers all the time: How do I teach the faith to my children. I hear this all the time, often from very faithful women, who just worry that they aren't doing enough.

I get it. I often struggle with those feelings myself, and in a way it is GOOD that we feel this way. Teaching our children the faith is a big deal. In fact, it might be the BIGGEST DEAL there is. Our number one job as parents is to see to the salvation of our children's souls. We work for their salvation through prayer, but also through direction instruction and setting a holy example. 

I talk about all of this in today's new podcast episode.

In this episode I chat about 4 major ways that we can teach our children the faith, and only the last point involves any sort of direct, pinterest-worthy instruction. 

We can teach the faith to our children by:

  1. Praying together
  2. Bringing our Children regularly to the sacraments, even if they are still too young to fully participate.
  3. Sharing the Catholic perspective on true suffering and joy with them during the harder moments of life.
  4. Direct Instruction of the principles of the faith.

Since I only have little kids (my oldest is in kindergarten) most what I share probably applies best to little ones. But, I really believe that when attempting to directly instruct children on the faith it is best to use activities that invite conversation. Present them with a catholic image to color or look at or create in perler beads. Then ask provoking questions and answer any questions they might have.  And above all else, demonstrate your faith and love for Jesus and His Church.

I sited several resources that I use with my own children in the podcast while teaching the faith. Here they are:

And finally, please don't be so hard on yourself. If you are taking your kids to mass, praying with them everyday and demonstrating the Catholic understanding of suffering in your daily life, you are already doing A LOT to teach your kids the faith. Ask Mary, Our Mother, to help you be more perfect in this area, but also believe that you are doing a good job.

Your sister in Christ,