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Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women

Dec 20, 2017

Hey friends!

I have a beautiful, challenging and inspiring new podcast episode to share with you today.  Stephanie, a wonderful podcast listener emailed me with a RADICAL idea for a podcast episode: Praying the Rosary with your Husband.  Daily.

My husband and I are definitely not getting in a rosary together right now so I was super interested in what Stephanie had to share--and I wanted to knot if it really was possible to pray the rosary with your spouse each day.

And so, I set up a Skype call with Stephanie, I hit record and I was so inspired by Stephanie's experiences and the wonderful tradition of the Rosary we enjoy as Catholics.


Here are just a few of the things we discuss in this episode:

  • Simple, practical ideas for getting your rosary in each day, even when life is busy and stressful.
  • How the rosary is the perfect prayer for women who struggle with anxiety
  • How to set up effective and kind accountability to pray the rosary with your husband.
  • Why praying the rosary is not a boring prayer, but the pinnacle of prayer.
  • What praying a rosary might mean for men.
  • Some of the fruit that can come into your life from consistently praying the Rosary
  • The fruit that you can expect when you bring the rosary into your marriage.
  • How praying a rosary can really unite you with Mary and teach you to be a mother.
  • The serious/scary/awesome nature of making a Marian Consecration. 

I hope that this little episode is inspiring.  It certainly was for me.  And, as we look to the new year and the habits that we can to acquire and eliminate, maybe the Rosary should be on that list.

All the best, and here are a few of the things we referred to while we chatted.


33 Days to Morning Glory by Father Michael Gately.

The Holy Rosary App for praying the Rosary in the Car...or while doing dishes

And once again, thank you for being here.  It continues to amaze me that I can chat with other Catholic moms about things that are SUPER Catholic and so many women out there care and listen in.  Love it and I love this community.

Your sister in Christ,